Here at D Technologies we have a wide range of services available to you ranging from simple fault finding and curing to more difficult services requiring component replacement.


What is a Health Check I hear you ask and do I need one? The simple answer is "Yes", especially if you haven't had your machine checked for a while or you feel that your computer is running slow or could have a Viruses or any other rouge ware on your machine.

What's included with a Health Check,

* Full Clean of your Machine inside and out which will help avoid overheating issues in the coming summer months.

* Full clean up of your hard drive removing any unwanted Rogue ware (By Rogue ware we mean any Spyware and any potential damaging software),

* Full scans to find and remove (If any) viruses, Trojans & Ad-aware,

* Full System check to ensure that your machine is 100% working and that any faults are found and diagnosed accordingly & Correctly,

Tune up

This is a service that we offer and definitely recommend to all of our customers with a windows based system.

we have two different variations of Tune up that we offer, the first where one of our engineers will come and visit you and your machine onsite, our engineer will then run through our tune up procedure on your machine however this can take a few hours depending on how much work is needed.

However for individuals on the go we recommend our pick up and delivery service. we appreciate that in our busy world of today that not everyone has a spare few hours to wait for their machine to have their Tune up session completed.

Our pick up and delivery service is designed so that you can still get on with your dally tasks with the minimal of interruption, our engineer will come and collect your machine from work or home providing you with a receipt for collection of your machine. We will then take your machine away for its Tune up session and deliver it back to you once completed.


Our Upgrades services is designed for individuals that are wanting to upgrade their system but who might be bewildered by what type of upgrade that they require whilst looking for the best results.

Here at D Technologies we pride ourselves on offering impartial Upgrades, what this means to our customers is that they get only what they want or need with no other hidden extras or unnecessary upgrades that only cost you extra with no visible improvements.


Unfortunately we all know that computers can have their good days and bad much like a car. When your car goes wrong you put your faith and trust in your local garage to get you back up and going again normally with out being told to buy a new one because yours is out of date. But with your computer where do you turn without feeling like someone is trying to get you to part with more money than is needed?

Here at D Technologies we offer a Repair service with a difference, we will repair your machine without giving you the run around or costing you more than what is needed to fix your machine and get you back up and running again.

One of our engineers will come out to collect your machine so that we can repair it and deliver it back to you once your machine is fit and healthy again. Upon arrival we will inspect your machine and immediately cost up what parts will be needed to repair your machine and contact you right away with our findings (We will not repair your machine unless we are given permission to do so). Once given the go ahead we will repair your machine and return it to you as soon as it has been completed.